iPhone magic

appleiPhone. Have you even noticed the magic of this word/brand? It’s so popular and fashionable that it simply can’t be ignored. And I’m sure this Apple’s invention deserves the every piece of attention it receives. Has it ever evolved any of this thoughts in your head: “It’s fashionable”, “I should have one!”, “An outstanding design” etc.? If the answer is yes (sure it is) let’s plunge into a small research of this device and its operating system.

iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system.On March 6, 2008, Apple released the first beta, along with a new name for the operating system: “iPhone OS”(Wikipedia). Since its appearance on the market iPhone has proved to be one of the most popular mobile platform and hardware worldwide.

The device itself is much more than just a Smartphone: it’s a camera, portable media player, Internet client, etc. Moreover, it boasts elegant and user-friendly interface, numerous amazing features (including outstanding enterprise-ready features), the world’s largest collection of mobile apps, safety and security by design and certainly the ability to work anywhere around the globe.

According to the current research iOS remains one of the top operating systems. After opening AppStore through iTunes in 2008, it was struck by a smashing number of application downloads which has made iOS highly attractive for developers, with billions of new applications being introduced. Apple encourages introduction of new applications providing third-party developers a set of tools and APIs besides new products can be tested in an “iPhone simulator”. Let’s outline major advantages of the platform:

  • Simplicity – no other mobile platform can prove to be as easy to install and administer as iOS, every operation is intuitive and takes seconds to comply;
  • Consistency and security – being only applicable on the hardware device it was designed for iOS authenticates all users, certifies all servers, and encrypts all network transfers;
  • Solidity – Apple’s software is rock solid with amazing technologies to keep any kind of bugs out;
  • High Quality – the Smartphone has only a 600 MHz processor, but it’s the latest Cortex A8, and comes with the best graphics chip there is, the PowerVR SGX 540, which is still unmatched by any other chips (ArticlesBase) which make the system work really fast and smooth.

Given all the benefits of Apple’s mobile platform and its hardware iPhone will remain one of the leaders in the mobile industry. This means that numerous applications will continue appearing on the AppStore to satisfy the demands of millions of users.

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