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Our team have been working on robotics related projects since early years of OCSICO as a company. Some application areas that we have worked in:

  • Autonomous storing and mapping
  • Functionality that allows to manipulate a group of robots at a time
  • Autonomous positioning
  • Object detection
  • SLAM Simultaneous Location and Motion
  • Autonomous operation

Sounds rather boring for a non-enthusiast, huh? But wait a bit – this is not all…

If you were ever fascinated by books of such wonderful writers as Karel Čapek, Stanisław Lem or films such as Star Wars, animation by Hayao Miyazaki, I believe you will always be fascinated by the fact that we are now living in a time when you can see such creatures being part of our life.

As long as our guys are doing some serious research and development that is aimed to enhance robot application in industry, there is also some place for fun. We just can’t stop seeing robotics as a part of our childhood dreams. And so, we take every opportunity to share experience and have some fun, too.

We have a recent example for that – part of OCSICO team participated in a RoboRace competition recently. This race was held as a part of “RoboTech Kovrov-2012” festival that took place 12.11.2012 – 14.11.2012 in Kovrov (Russia).

The RoboRace is an analog of Formula 1 races. The robots have to pass 20 rounds of a complicated track. They can go across lines along the floor or can use other means of orientation. One should note that the only difference between Formula 1 and RoboRace is that the vehicles are not piloted. So they are moving completely independently inside the track – along the lines painted on the floor or positioning themselves relative to walls.

Simple as it sounds, this competition reflects impressive advance in technology that is now part of our life. The fact that robots are navigating in space easily and are able to achieve a destination without any assistance from outside, visualizes all our efforts in science intensive development. This is one of transition stages towards autonomous operation and is an important functionality that can be a basis for further research. We are open to new ideas in this field, so if your company is working in this domain, we would be happy to employ our experience in a new project.

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General information:

RoboRace competition was organized by Robotechnics Association in Ukraine». Robotechnics Association in Ukraine is an organization which is established for spreading ideas of robotic art in the area of high-technologies.

Our team for the competition also represented:

  1. Senior developer Sergey Gerasuto(OCSICO)
  3. United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Laboratory number 220.

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