Fashionable word “mobility”

Mobility – a very fashionable word today, but what did we start with?

The idea of such communication means appeared as early as the year 1947, when DH Ring and WR Young published a Bell Laboratories’ article “Mobile Telephony – Wide Area Coverage”. But it took us some more time to bring this idea to practice. So, back there, In 1973, Dr Cooper(the systems division general manager at Motorola) made his first call to his rival Joel Engel with a portable cell phone. But was it actually the first mobile phone ever?

We should not of course forget about Walkie Talkie, Car Telephones and personal mobile radios. Though limited in their coverage range, they still were mobile, so let us call them Generation 0. I cannot but mention pagers of course. Well, most of us can remember the time pager were thought to be the future of telecommunication, still they passed almost as rapidly as they came.

So, the first commercial cellular phone was launched by Motorola in 1983, and weighed 793.8 grams. The price for such device was a considerable amount of money for that time, up to 3,995 dollars. That is Generation 1.Heavy as they were and rather expensive, still the devices were gaining popularity rapidly.

In 1882, the second generation of GSM network was introduced. Alongside the new trend in information transmitting, a new type of devices was replacing the brick-sized phones. Nokia 2110 was the first phone to use vibrations, and one year later the first phone with the Snake game installed showed up. In mid 90, as the World Wide Web began turning into a primary communication medium, first phones were designed to permit direct access to the Internet thanks to the launch of the GPRS technology. And it was then, when the era of mobile commerce started.

Now we are speaking about the 3G telephone devices, permitting better access to the web, video telephone calls, and the reception of television services. It seems now, as well as it did before, there are not many ways the device is able to get developed. Nevertheless, today the number of purchases done via mobile applications is exploding, rising 300% as compared to the same period last year. So I am wondering whether mobile commerce is going to conquer the world as WWW did. The industry is a rapidly growing and expanding one, urging us to change devices at least once in several years. Each new one embodies functions we never dreamt of and could never think of even. It is a part of our private life, a business tools, and a play toy. Is there any other niche it can occupy?

At the beginning of the year 2011 4G telephones are to be displayed at a number of exhibitions, and IBM laboratories predict hologram projection phones to be available in a couple of years. While the usage area of mobile technologies is expanding, it is reasonable to make the most of it.

As an innovative company, we focus on mobile development, deploying ecommerce, gaming, social networking solutions. We enjoy the challenges that development for such platforms as iPhone, Android, Symbian and many others put in front of us. We think that our future is definitely mobile, so, let’s jump in the stream!

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