Blogging: Do you know much about it?

Blogging, do you know much about it? This is a word that we commonly use in our everyday life. But do we know the origins of it?

Since its appearance in the last century a blog was called “weblog” and was created to let people know what’s new in the Internet.
bloggers-blogIt’s currently hard to imagine that a couple of decades ago every new Webpage was a great event and there was a need to attract users attention to this or that content. When Peter Merholz jokingly broke the word “weblog” into the phrase “we blog” a number of derivatives appeared such as: “blog”, “blogging” and “blogger” to name a few.

I doubt if there’s anybody who has never blogged in his/her life. Every single day people blog about their new experiences, to share their emotions, to help somebody, to discuss or organize an event, to advertise, to show off or simply to stand out of the crowd and let the whole world know them (or at least a small community).

There’s a niche for each kind of blogging depending on the content personal blogging, musical blogging, corporate, political, medical, educational, etc. It’s getting easier to blog anytime and anywhere with the growing number of devices being at our disposal.

What are the most popular blogs? I will name only a few that come to my mind first:

  • Mashable! (2,206,034 followers) – a very popular technology blog helping to catch up with the fast-changing technology world and to stay updated to them with the preliminary focus on Web and Social networking.
  • Hillary – politics is an essential part of our life, isn’t it? Governments or politicians commonly use blogosphere to discuss different issues, share opinions, to promote themselves, to get people’s feedback. Hillary Clinton isn’t an exemption with her high-rated blog. By the way I should also mention Barak Obama’s blog which is also extremely popular.
  • The Facebook blog – an exciting place to read and discuss about the biggest social network with its members and workers. I can also name the official Google blog here that provides us with the latest and hottest news about the largest corporation.
  • Peruvian Cuisine – a fantastic collection of dishes from all over the world for a true gourmet! Pretty sure you know all of them or at least heard about them or came across while searching in the Internet.

blogWhat makes them so attractive except for the content? WordPress is one of the most popular and easy-to-use blogging platforms with a numerous free themes and customized plug-ins. One of the outstanding features is the ability to create your own domain name thus making your blog more personal and remarkable. Users prefer this blog publishing application as it helps make the blog more attractive and frequently visited.

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