“Anti-GPS” navigation solution

gpsYou’re out of a shopping mall, carrying loads of bags, the children are tired and you are dreaming of your couch. You go out to the parking lot, and there you are…

It is so huge that it seems it will take hours to find your car. Of course, each member of the family is convinced he/she knows exactly where the car is parked and those are different places :)

Sounds familiar? This can often happen to people in a shopping center, airport, supermarket parking lot. But we are sure we have a solution.

There should be an app that helps people to easily find their car even without GPS. Our idea: An application allowing to navigate in a parking lot (especially in roofed parkings, where GPS doesn’t work).
You will be able to:

  1. easily find your car in the parking lot.
  2. reach such points of interest as exits, bank machines, toilets faster
  3. see your current position on a map
  4. create maps of parking lots
  5. associate maps with physical objects
  6. edit existing maps

What do all these words mean? It means that you just drive in the parking lot, scan the QR code which will download the parking lot map. When you find a parking space for your car, you just record the place in the application. If you need a bank machine for example, you can get directions to it in the application. When you are tired of going up and down the stairs and feel like going home, you just launch the application again and find your car fast and easy with the directions provided. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Who will benefit:

  1. shopping center owners
  2. parking and car rental companies
  3. and surely everyone, who has ever got lost in huge car parks :) .

What we have: OCSICO architects and developers are eager to develop this application for you. Interested? Contact me at jane.matsesha@ocsico.com. The application is waiting for its owner.

Please submit a short project request, and our account managers will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss our future cooperation.
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