6 signs you are in urgent need of custom application

6 signs you are in urgent need of custom application

Every business consists of many complicated processes. Operating these processes is often a time-consuming task. Automation of a business workflow can solve the issue. This improvement is essential for bringing a company to a whole new competitive level.

But how do you know if your business has grown to the necessity of having a custom enterprise solution? There are some wake-up calls showing that it’s time to hurry to software development specialists.

1. Impeded access to crucial data

To be in full control of business processes, you should have instant access to all the data. With the information at hand, you can see the full picture to make informed business decisions.

The following functionalities can help ensure efficient data management:

  • Immediate authorized access
  • Offline access
  • Convenient search and data sharing
  • Synchronization with databases

Such tools as MS OneNote database can fulfill these tasks separately. It means you have to operate 2 or 3 applications to reach out to all the statistics, numbers, profiles, etc. It is surely more convenient to have one custom software solution to manage multiple purposes.

2. Manual routine operations

Many operations we used to carry out manually before should be replaced with automatic ones. There is no more need to waste time reconciling data for a report or entering numbers into endless spreadsheets. Business processes automation allows employees to focus on analytical tasks. Such an approach is perfect for accelerating business growth.

The following options should be automated in your company right away:

  • Auto-fill options
  • Entering data via a barcode or QR code scanning
  • Machine-printed and handwritten text recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Creating consignment notes and other shipping documents
  • Order processing

For instance, you can solve an automation issue by choosing a solution allowing you to make informed decisions and streamline operations.

3. Out-of-date ways of communication with employees and customers

Your customer can surely contact you via the phone or email. But such means of communication are too behind. Let your clients get rid of all the hassle. You can offer them an opportunity to monitor the delivery status of an order, to change delivery time, to ask questions about goods, etc. Customers will appreciate the convenience and feel your care for them. This is how you can win the loyalty of your clients.
Smooth internal communication makes great sense for streamlining business workflow. Thus, you should take care of building an effective internal communication strategy. Pay attention to the following components of the information exchange:

  • Collaboration work
  • Multimedia assets management
  • Sent/receive/viewed notifications
  • Cloud communication tools
  • Electronic signature

To improve the communication within a company and optimize the internal processes, all the operations should be centralized and integrated into one system.

4. Your business has outgrown your company’s current custom software application

As time goes by, your business is growing, and at a certain point, you realize that the current application has stopped meeting your business needs. The obsolete software can’t process the growing amount of data or new tasks, and a simple update is no option. This is the case for turning to a custom software development provider to create a solution meeting your changing business scale.

5.  Canned software doesn’t comply with your specific business needs

It’s one of the most frequent reasons why businesses turn to custom software development. Сanned solutions serve the interests of the mass market. It means that off-the-shelf applications are created for a large number of companies. But it’s impossible to suit each and everyone. Highly specialized companies have to turn to custom software development providers. It’s the best way for them to get an application or a system fitting into their requirements.

6. Poorly coordinated control and supervising

Managers should be aware of everything that’s going on within a company. Digital transformation can accelerate this process. For example, thanks to remote monitoring systems, managers of logistic, mining, and building companies can track everything about fleet: from machines condition to the amount of executed works.

The problem of time-consuming operations and weak control can be solved by remote monitoring systems with data entry automation.

Bottom line

Opting for custom software is one of the ways of accelerating your business. When you invest in your own corporate solution, you get a state-of-the-art, automated, and well-managed business workflow. As a result, you give your staff the opportunity to work more effectively freeing them from wasting time repeating the same routine operations over and over again. This improves the quality of the services the company delivers – this is exactly what clients need. Company’s management has all the statistics in their hands for timely decision-making. These advantages of your own custom software application are able to bring your company to the whole new level.


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