Maintaining Proper Fleet Cybersecurity Balance

    Maintaining Proper Fleet Cybersecurity Balance

    The last few years showcased how vulnerable we are in the age of digital transformation. The recent survey conducted among the senior executives by Robert Walters and Jobsite suggests that in the coming year, demand for cybersecurity professionals is going to surge. According to the findings, 54% of respondents consider hiring specialists with cybersecurity background… Read More

    Cybersecurity of Connected Cars: Trends and Pitfalls

    Modern automotive industry is steadily going digital. Everything, from vehicle tracking¬†to driver monitoring to accidents preventing, takes place on the Internet now. Terabytes of data travel between vehicles, cloud networks, wearables and mobile devices, and, as many experts reasonably suggest, represent a desirable target for cybercriminals. According to BI Intelligence, by 2021, the number of… Read More

    How to Choose the Right Automotive Sensor

    The task of finding a reasonable provider is never a trivial one, especially if hardware is involved. Especially now, when the number of manufacturers, producing various automotive sensors is growing exponentially due to the continuous expansion of Internet of Things. This expansion is not only quantitative, but also qualitative. Even a couple of years ago… Read More

    Predictive Analytics is the Future of Accident Management

    Accident management has definitely proved itself to be an effective way of saving funds. According to CEI, a company that is doing well when it comes to handling accidents caused by external drivers may recover up to 25% spent on repair works, which may account for a sum with five zeros annually. At the dawn… Read More

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