IIoT-driven manufacturing: New avenues of industrial digital transformation

    IIoT-driven manufacturing: New avenues of industrial digital transformation

    The industrial IoT (IIoT) is the engine of Industry 4.0, the fourth revolution in manufacturing that is unfolding right before our very eyes. The employment of connected devices, collecting and processing data contribute to changes in the approach to equipment maintenance, asset tracking, and business process automation done with the view to improving the efficiency… Read More

    Implementing IoT into your business: Benefits and obstacles

    Digital transformation helps businesses keep up with the times, and the Internet of things (IoT) is an essential part of digitalization. This technology trend provides capabilities for transforming values, concepts, and development strategies of a company. Ignoring digital transformation may result in unfavorable consequences: a company that doesn’t hasten to embrace IoT is likely to… Read More

    Business consulting routine. Part 2. Typical mistakes and how to avoid them

    If a software development process were a railway, business consulting and analysis services would be the rails. It is an essential stage of creating digital products: a thorough business analysis ensures project success and contributes to user satisfaction with a solution. Business analysts (BAs) often run into software development bottlenecks. Therefore providers and their clients… Read More

    Al-based technologies for fighting environmental issues

    Artificial neural networks (NN), the Internet of things (IoT) and intelligent custom software solutions work for the good of humanity solving global problems. One of such problems is waste management. There are traditional methods, e.g., manual garbage sorting at plants, that help fight that rampant problem, but they appear to be insufficient. According to “The… Read More

    Hidden costs of outsourcing: Beware financial pitfalls

    If you follow our blog, you have already read experts’ opinion on web app development costs and web development pricing models. In this article, we are going to dwell upon some specific issue of financing of outsourcing software projects. The cost of software development is one of the most frequently discussed questions. On a daily… Read More

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