Business Consulting Routine at OCSICO

    Why are business analysts so often out of the office? Because they work on the client’s side! This job is more complicated than meets the eye. It requires proper data collecting, documenting and analyzing, as well as constant and close communication with customers. BA is an IT company’s superhero who combines the qualities typical for… Read More

    Tech Stack That Gives IoT Real Power: OS for Comprehensive Solutions

    The modern concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved from the idea of automating every home appliance and even entire factories to the greatest possible extent. At the dawn of their revolutionizing future, connected technologies were not supported enough by ubiquitous ownership of internet-connected gadgets, and it was problematic to massively implement IoT… Read More

    The future of healthcare: connected, personal and fast

    The average life span has soared dramatically over the past 100 years as antibiotics, vaccines and breakthroughs in medical tech eradicated major diseases and viruses. These three pillars shaped the healthcare system we have been using until the digital age arrived. The new time adds a new component to the scheme, the Internet of things… Read More

    Designing A Senior Friendly Healthcare App: 3 UI Hints To Consider

    What can be easier than to design an application for teenagers? Make it possible to stream party videos, turn faces into cute piggy snouts, follow celebrities – and voila! You are top of App Store now. When it comes to senior users, it’s not that easy anymore. When it comes to healthcare apps for senior… Read More

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