5 Tips to Communicate Effectively with Your Outsourcing Partner

    5 Tips to Communicate Effectively with Your Outsourcing Partner

    A professional team is the cornerstone of every lucrative project. Outsourcing is vital when it comes to putting a great team together. But hand-picking talented individuals is only the first step. Shaping a well-structured communication process is an equally important task. The main reason companies opt for outsourcing is the low price for custom application… Read More

    Top 5 Document Management Problems and How to Cope with Them

    Document management (DM) is an integral part of your company’s workflow. If something is wrong with the way you manage documentation, be sure your business will lose out. When your employees waste their time digging through hundreds of files, it means they unintentionally postpone other tasks. Imagine how much time they could save being able… Read More

    Business Acceleration Through IT Innovations: Practice Workshop

    The years of long-term cooperation with client companies have yielded fruitful results. OCSICO’s business consultants and IT analysts have been monitoring the efficiency of delivered custom solutions, which led to compiling comprehensive researches. Consulting industrial, trading, transport, and manufacturing businesses of various sizes our experts came up with the results to share in this article…. Read More

    Analyze This: Google Analytics vs. Yandex Metrics

    Owning a corporate website, especially if it is an e-commerce web application, bounds you to stay on top of your site’s performance, the level of audience engagement, and competitors’ activities. It seems challenging to get enormous amounts of analytical data under control. However, you don’t need to do it alone. There are some analytics and… Read More

    How to Tell Whether Your Business is E-commerce Ready

    Business is running on the Internet these days. Even minor enterprises have already armed themselves with a website and social network accounts. According to the recent statistics, more than 71 % of small businesses in the USA have a website, and 92% of those who do not have one are going to get this essential… Read More

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