The way IoT revolutionized fleet management

    The incorporation of the latest technologies is essential for any business in terms of effectiveness and productivity. The appearance of Internet of Things (IoT) totally revolutionized the way companies conduct their operations. Its presence is already felt in such industries as healthcare, retail, logistics and transportation. However, the most tangible results of implementation of the… Read More

    How to Transform A TV Set into A Full-Fledged Telehealth Gadget

    Older people healthcare is a ripe field for modern technologies. Though the pace of tech adoption in healthcare is slowed down by a rather strict legislation, the market is growing exponentially, and will continue to do so. According to the forecasts, only the patient monitoring wearable market will expand by almost four times to reach… Read More

    Fleet Management Trends: What 2017 Will Bring to Automotive Industry

    It’s been a month since we said goodbye to 2016 that has given us Tesla 3, Uber’s self-driving fleet in Pittsburg, and the NHTSA autonomous car guidelines. Now we are all wondering what 2017 will bring to the table. Below you may find some considerations that, as many experts believe, will shape the coming year… Read More

    Two Breakthrough Ways Telematics Transforms Modern Fleets

    Telematics is persistently making it to the Big Data analytics in the automotive. The rapid advancement of smart devices has led to the shift in utilizing telematics and processing the abundant data it records. The age of simple data gathering is steadily giving way to the age of data mining and further – to machine… Read More

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