Web App Development: Cost and Pricing Issues

    Web App Development: Cost and Pricing Issues

    We all know that a top-notch custom web application is the ticket to digital success with consumers. In search of the provider, you browse through numerous services offers to find the one that meets your challenges and fits in your budget. Have been providing web application development services for a long time, we offer the… Read More

    The Magic of Web Application Design

    For a number of projects we have created for our clients, the kernel of the web application development process was the application design. In fact, web design can do magic. It predetermines our software solutions success with the client and the solutions competitiveness in the market. Now it is time to lift the curtain hiding… Read More

    Time Tracking and Reporting: Pitfalls and Useful Tips

    Time is money, and developers working hours are paid in accordance with the set rates. Customers, in their turn, would like to make sure that outsourced team members don’t waste project money and fully commit themselves to work. That’s why working time requires accurate tracking and documenting for creating invoices and sending them to clients…. Read More

    Website Tips for Clinics and Hospitals: Doctors List

    Further to the previous article on tips for integrating healthcare CRM with the Contacts module, let’s now explore in detail the Doctors List module and the related issues a qualified business analyst should take into account.   Doctors List: what is that for? From BA’s viewpoint, Doctors List is one of the modules that drive… Read More

    Website Tips for Clinics and Hospitals: Contact Us Module

    Сan clinics and hospitals afford to have standard websites that many other types of organizations successfully run? Let’s take a close look – from a Business Analyst’s perspective – at the four pillars of a good medical web portal: Doctors, Services, Patient Info, Blog and, the last but not the least, Contacts. Business analysis is… Read More

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