IP protection and security

We understand the importance of your information and intellectual property protection. Information is wealth: an idea rules the world. We take every measure and precaution to ensure safety and security of your IP. Our security policies are enforced to eliminate possible risks that could lead to information leakage:

  • Customer segregation. We organize separate development space for each project, including segregated usage of hardware and software tools.
  • Malware protection. We use only reliable antivirus software tools. Regular updates of antivirus databases on the work stations and servers are performed.
  • Protection against infrastructure penetration. We employ the most current hardware and software firewalls to build a safe working environment and eliminate the possibility of penetration.
  • Contractual obligations. We have very strict clauses in our agreement obliging us as a company (and every OCSICO employee) to duly protect your IP and transfer to you the IP rights for a produced software product in a timely manner.
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