Development approach

For over a decade OCSICO has been successfully delivering software development projects to clients from various industries. Our experience allows us to say that there are no two identical projects.

Every business idea is unique. Moreover, each customer has its own business style, with which it is comfortable. And to be a good supplier of software development services requires skills and flexibility to elaborate a development approach that fits into those preconditions.

Software development methodology is aimed to simplify the development process, to increase productivity or ensure the quality. There is no unique software development methodology that is suitable for every project. Each of the approaches has its strengths and weaknesses.

Traditional methodologies, such as waterfall split software development process into distinct phases, while agile approach deals with iterations. Depending on the technical, organizational, management and other specifics, a particular methodology might become a better choice.

Our experts take the best from Unified Process (UP), Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF), ISO 9001:2000, and Agile methodologies to propose unique development solutions to our unique customers.

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