Cooperation models

We strongly believe that a successful outsourcing experience is a result of thorough planning and sound strategy development in regard to project implementation and management techniques. Understanding that every project is unique and being a flexible outsourcing supplier, we can customize our basic business models to meet your specific requirements.

Fixed price

Fixed price model is the best fit for the projects that:

  • are medium or small in size;
  • have clearly defined requirements;
  • have medium technological complexity;
  • have a moderate level of development risks.

When specification is ready, requirements are established, phases are planned and the expected result is clear there are several simple steps to the fixed price engagement:

Fixed price approach


Time and material

Time and Material approach works well for:

  • medium and large projects that are dynamic and flexible;
  • customers who prefer to have a maximum of control over the deliverables and the team working on the project.

When the project is complicated and it’s impossible to exactly estimate the scope, or the project needs flexibility and more improvement ideas are expected in the course of development the time and material engagement would be the right option for you:

Time and material approach


Dedicated development centre

Dedicated development center model proves to be a success giving tangible benefits in software development cost savings. The developers for a dedicated team are selected by you and assigned to your projects on a full-time work basis. The team adheres to your standards, processes and requirements and acts as an offsite extension of your onsite IT team.

Dedicated development center approach

The advantages of this model are:

  • Exceptional efficiency and flexibility in software development. You receive full control over the team productivity, performance and workload;
  • It allows for creating a team with a custom composition of specific skills and experiences;
  • Your processes and procedures are adopted by the offsite team. This optimizes production, and minimizes the cost and time for knowledge transfer;
  • The team is easily extendable. Even if started with just one developer, the team can promptly be expanded when such a need arises;
  • It could be transformed into a separate legal entity through BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model.
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