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OCS Innovation Company (OCSICO) is a professional and reliable Eastern European software development services provider delivering exceptional, cost-effective outsourcing solutions. We deliver services that enable our customers to achieve their goals and maximize business success.

We do have customers on 3 continents and in 30 countries. Since the company establishment in 2002 we have successfully collaborated with over 200 clients in the field of apps development, software testing and quality assurance, maintenance and IT support. We know how to make the software “speak” different languages, how to perform applications internationalization and localization. We are capable of adjusting our processes to various country-specific and cultural peculiarities.

Though the most common language of the software development outsourcing is English, we will be glad to share some words with you about OCSICO in your native language.

Please submit a short project request, and our account managers will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss our future cooperation.
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